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Dennis the Funny Guy
          -by The Vole

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New!Dennis in the movies!!!

That's right, See Dennis now in his first ever full-length feature film!  This masterful production, a story of inspiration, suspense, romance and tragedy, by legendary director Isaiah Eyre has already recieved unparalleled critical acclaim.  Preview this movie now, before it hits the theaters! Rated R for violence.

"A must see!" - Rolling Scone.
"Move over, Scorsesi!" - Roger Hiebert
"Huh?" - Dennis
...And here it is:

'Dennis has a dream of learning to fly, but ends up getting smashed by a steamroller in the attempt.' - By Isaiah Eyre

Send me your Dennis cartoons!  Just send a .jpg or a .gif to and (if suitable) I will post it to the collection.

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